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October 16, 2021
Meet & Greet

September 18, 2021
Erin Oleson Dickson… “Humanizing Online ASL Classes”

May 8, 2021
Socorro Garcia and Janette Duran-Aguirre… “Abolitionist Teaching: Humanizing Your BIPOC Latinx Deaf Students”

April 17, 2021
Meet & Greet

March 27, 2021
General Meeting

March 27, 2021
Garrett Bose… “Zero Textbook: How to Produce a Zero Textbook Course”

February 27, 2021
Meet & Greet

January 16, 2021
Niesha Washington-Shepard… “BIPOC Friendly ASL Curriculum”

November 14, 2020
Meet & Greet

October 17, 2020
Dr. Keith Gamache, Jr… “Expressive Projects Workshop”

March 2, 2019
Melissa Yingst and Karina Pedersen… “Sociocracy”

December 1, 2018
Adam Frost… “ASL and English: Bilingualism in Our Community”

April 28, 2018
Ted Supalla… “Safeguarding ASL Heritage”

March 10, 2018
Bethany Gehman… “Space Matters; Creating, Affirming, & Learning Environment for LGBTQIA+”

November 18, 2017
Kevin Struxness… “ASL Mouth Morphemes and the Histroy of Fingerspelling”

December 5-6, 2015
SDCRID and SD-ASLTA… “CDI Workshops Part II”

October 3-4, 2015
SDCRID and SD-ASLTA… “CDI Workshops Part I”

October 25, 2014
Kevin Struxness, Melissa Smith and Josh Kamrath… “San Diego ASL Professionals Presentations”

December 14, 2013
Joseph Halcott… “CDI Preparation Workshop”

July 30, 2013
Kim Whetter… “Tips on how to pass the ASL CSET”

April 6, 2013
Flavia Fleischer… “Incorporating Deaf Community Cultural Wealth (DCCW) in Your Teaching”

November 17, 2012
Jimmy Beldon… “Classifiers: How to Incorporate Constructed Action in an ASL Classroom”

February 26, 2012
Adam Stone… “Ipads and Macs: Technology to Make Your ASL Instruction CHAMP!”

April 30, 2011
Dr. Carol Padden… “Rethinking How to Teach Classifiers in ASL”

March 13, 2011
Social Gathering

February 12, 2011
ASLFilms: Black Sand

August 14, 2010
Signing Naturally New Curriculum Level 1 Training

April 24, 2010
Gerald, the movie

April 16, 2010
Social Gathering

March 19, 2010
Social Gathering

February 19, 2010
Social Gathering

August 1, 2009
Bruno Moncelle… “International Day of the Deaf”

May 30, 2009
Rachel Sutton-Spence… “Sign Language Poems: for Enjoyment and for Teaching”

April 24, 2009
Social Gathering

April 19, 2008
Diana MacDougall… “Genderspeak: Matching Sociolinguistic Registry for ASL Teachers”

May 5, 2007
Carol Padden… “Fingerspelling in ASL”

February 24, 2007
Ella Mae Lentz… “People of the Eye… Community of Vision”

April 29, 2006
Billy Seago… “Drama in Storytelling”

October 15, 2005
Dr. Rachel Mayberry, Linguistics Department at UCSD
(Lunch at Feast on This)

October 9, 2004
Bruno Moncelle… “An Introduction to LSF (Langue des Signes Francaise)”

March 17, 2004
Dr. Ceil Lucas, Gallaudet University… “What’s your sign for PIZZA?” An Introduction to Variation in ASL

November 15, 2003
Second SD-ASLTA Sharing Retreat for Teachers… “Teaching Classifiers” -5 presentations by local ASL/Deaf Studies Teachers

May 10, 2003
Tom Riggs, National ASLTA Vice President… “Visual Vernacular” and update on national ASLTA issues

November 16, 2002
Gilbert Eastman… “Visual Gestural Communication as a Sign Language Base”
(Lunch by Feast on This)

December 1, 2001
First SD-ASLTA Sharing Retreat for Teachers…13 presentations by local ASL/Deaf Studies Teachers

May 19, 2001
Dr. Tom Humphries… “Private to public expression of culture: Deaf people reorganize their world”

December 9, 2000
“Conversations with Bonnie Gough: A Celebration of Vintage ASL”

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