Kimberly Han & Elias Davila

Workshop description: 

Sixteen years have passed since the inception of Protactile movement and it continues to grow and spread into many DeafBlind communities in this country. DeafBlind people have become more aware of their autonomy and this has sparked an evolution in the practices of the interpreters they work with. Learn from Elias and Kimberly as they share their DeafBlind journeys and how they incorporate new language and culture, Protactile into their lives. Gain your understanding of Protactile through history and benefits while applying it to your daily routines. Discover how Protactile differ from tactile American Sign Language. Get ready to unlearn and relearn from DeafBlind perspectives. 


Introduction to Protactile: DeafBlind Journey


Kimberly Han, DeafBlind Korean American, is a storyteller who offers CoNavigator and Protactile trainings with DeafBlind leaders. Graduated with Master’s in School Counseling from Gallaudet University, she worked with students and adults in K-12 to community college. She held 200-hour yoga teacher certification and taught classes through Zoom and studios. Kimberly received her Protactile training at Tactile Communications in Oregon and it gave her opportunities to work with DeafBlind community. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and son.

Hi to everyone, I am introducing my name is Elias Davila. I am legally DeafBlind since 2016. I was born Chihuahua, Mexico and moved to Chicago, Illinois when I was one year old. I found to be deaf when I was three years old, and blind 13 years old. I went to Illinois School for the Deaf in high school graduated 1997. I attended to National Technical Institute of Technology/Rochester to studies a major of Information Technology and not graduated yet. I am married for 14 years, has a stepdaughter, and a son. Both are CODA. I moved to California 8 years ago, and opportunity to find a better career. I graduated AA degree of Behavior & Social Studies at El Camino College. I found an identified to be DeafBlind beginning 2016, and growing my autonomy. I started to training and learn oriented mobility, ProTactile, blackout cook, braille, and assistive technology. All those I trained at Tactical Communication in Monmouth, Oregon.