Nadmionor Casiano-Berrios

Nadmionor Casiano-Berrios, Deaf Puerto Rican, became deaf at two years old. Born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to San Diego in 2010 to obtain a college education. Graduated with a bachelor science degree in Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University. An active advocate for deaf community and provides STEM workshops all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Currently work as an Aerospace Engineer for a year. 

Razi Hall

Razi Hall, an African American man, grew up in Florida. He was at Florida School for the Deaf in St. Augustine from the age of 5—it’s his “so called” second residential school. He relocated to San Diego California over 20 years ago from Atlanta Georgia. He’s the first the Deaf Interpreter to complete an interpreter training program at Mesa College (2014). He’s been a Deaf Interpreter for Deaf Community Service of San Diego since 2015. He loves to travel, watch movies, and food.

Laura Kim

Laura Kim, a Korean American woman who grew up in Chicago. She moved here in 2005 for her pursuit of second career in Deaf Education. She is a DHH teacher and currently works with middle school DHH students. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and traveling. She will fly to Korea for the WFD conference.

Isaiah Moore

My name is Isaiah Moore. I’m fully Deaf and born in San Diego. Of course I’m San Diegoan Life. I graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor of Science in Television, Film and Television in 2017. I’m currently working as a teacher’s aide at San Diego Unified School District and helping Deaf/Hard of Hearing students with their own needs. I love traveling all over the world. I went to Japan in 2017 and went back twice in Spring 2023. In addition, I went to Iceland in 2018 and Taiwan in 2019. I have learned sign language in Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean to communicate with the people who I met. I love to attend comic con events and meet a lot of famous people because I’m Black nerd.

Ruth Rosas

Ruth Rosas, Deaf and Mexican American, first generation of immigrant parents who grew up in San Diego. A recent graduate from UCSD with a masters of art in education, active advocate for San Diego Deaf community, and runs as board of director for non-profit organization for Deaf Community Services of San Diego.